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Rat Terrier

God created man; then seeing how weak he was, gave him the dog.

Rat Terrier puppy
Nunley Ranch puppy


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Rat Terrier adult
Nunley's Tuff Stuff

Named by Teddy Roosevelt, the Rat Terrier is generally believed to descend from Fox Terriers crossed with Manchester Terriers. Quick and determined, his ability to clean out a building of rats and other vermin in record time is legendary. During the 19th century, ratting was a popular sport and people wagered with each other to see which dog could kill the most rats in a given time. Today this little terrier is a cheerful companion living happily on the farm or in the city.

The Rat Terrier stands up to 19 inches tall at the shoulder. He has a short, smooth, dense, shiny coat that is white and black with tan or rust trim. His coat follows the usual hound colors and may be tri-colored or bi-colored. His tail is generally docked.

The Rat Terrier is active, alert, and lively. He is loyal, affectionate and devoted to his master. As a sociable creature, he needs the companionship of his people and will not be happy to be a kennel dog. Curious by nature, and always on the move, the Rat Terrier is friendly towards people and other dogs. This is a dog with lots to say! He often vocalizes his feelings with snorting, growling, and mumbling noises, especially if he's bored.

A naturally intuitive dog with an eager to please personality, he makes a good companion whether you're at home or hunting together. Early obedience training and socialization benefit all dogs and the Rat Terrier is no exception. His sensitivity and intelligence make him a fast learner. A long-lived breed, the Rat Terrier will be part of your family for 12 to 18 years. You'll need a fenced yard - he's a real escape artist! 


Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Sharon Nunley, Nunley Ranch
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